Meet Kelly & Abigail White

Meet Kelly and Abigail White

Founders of Connecting Hearts Travel

We started Connecting Hearts Travel because we’ve seen, first-hand, the power travel has to bring parents and children (of any age!) together. Especially in times of transition—kids leaving the nest, or starting their own families—it can be so hard to navigate a new dynamic, as you both outgrow that traditional “parent child” role.

Traveling together allows you to share new discoveries and new insights—and to see the world through one another’s eyes.

Parents can step out of “lecturing” mode and learn from their sons or daughters, and children get the opportunity to relate to their parents on a whole new level—as friends and confidants.

The key to an eye-opening, role-re-defining vacation like this?

Travel that goes beyond the surface. Travel that’s built around your passions, so that you can share what lights you up with one another.

And travel that allows you to step out of your day to day (with all the stress that goes along with it!), and instead, immerse yourself in a destination that fills you with wonder.

That’s the kind of travel experience we deliver.

Our worldwide connections, deep research, and unique perspective (as we see things from both the parent and child point of view!) allow us to craft escapes that have you seeing the world—and each other—in a whole new, astounding light.

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