What if you could have a real conversation with your daughter?


Imagine having a conversation with your daughter that wasn’t forced or routine? The kind of conversation where you learn something new

about each other. One that allows you to start to see each other as women rather than your traditional roles of mother and daughter. Travel  provides the space for such conversations, and Abigail and I had many such conversations this past spring when we made time to take a road trip together.

We left Rhode Island with an agenda. First stop: DC for an industry event. Then on to Santa Fe for a few days to discover why two of our favorite musicals (Newsies and Rent) have a song dedicated to it before reaching Colorado for some fresh mountain air. But, by the time we approached Oklahoma we realized a break from the car was needed so we made a pit stop in OKC. This is where we discovered street art and that we both loved it; I mean, just look at these pictures!



Traveling together provided us with the opportunity to discover something new and amazing together, which in many cases would have been enough to call the trip a success. But the discovery sparked something other than an appreciation for art.
 It sparked several conversations that just would not have occurred during our normal

day to day, such as: What makes art…art? How art can be used to revitalize a community? We discussed how what was once considered graffiti has turned into a genre of art expression, and what differentiates graffiti from art. Before we even knew what was happening street art, had turned into a gift of connection.


This is just one example of how travel has enhanced our relationship. It provides us with the opportunity to have real conversations naturally, and a foundation to work from when inevitable friction (aka: landmines) occurs. For more insight into building a deep and meaningful mother-daughter relationship join our Facebook group, The Mother-Daughter Journey.